5 Favorite Children’s Books

5 Favorite Books for Children


While my reviews are from my perspective as a parent, these are all books that my children have asked for time and again. This means that while the descriptions are mommy approved, they are all time-tested by my two kids. Note: Some of these books we were given, some we borrowed from the library and later bought, but they are all loved.


My kids are allowed to read books in their bed when they wake up in the morning. This is my 2 year old’s bed one morning when I got him up for the day.

Little Blue Truck

The Little Blue Truck enjoys the slow pace of life as he says hello to all of his farm friends. But when a big dump truck gets stuck in some mud, the dump truck learns that having friends can be really important, maybe even more important than getting big jobs done.


This is a very lyrical book and I love reading it to my kids because of the fun sounds. I also love that it teaches children to be nice to everyone, because you never know when you’re going to need help. We also have the Little Blue Truck’s Christmas book, but I don’t care for that one as much.



We found this book by accident in the library. My son just randomly picked it out and it quickly became his favorite. Cloudette is a small cloud and had always been happy to float around and play with her friends. But when larger clouds go off to do big and important things, Cloudette feels left out. When a storm blows her to a new place, she find an opportunity to make a small difference and realizes that a little bit can go a long way.


Everyone can make a difference, no matter how big or small, may seem like a naive way of looking at things, but it’s true. My dad always told me that I was successful if I could make one person’s life a little better. Hearing him say that got me through a lot of tough times in my life and I hope that my kids will remember Cloudette’s lesson as they begin to realize how big the world is around them.


Giraffes Can’t Dance

The animals in the jungle have one night a year where they all come together to dance. While all the other animals have special dances that they can do beautifully, Gerald is seen as awkward and a poor dancer. As Gerald walks away sad, a cricket teaches him a lesson about listening to the music of your heart.


The moral of this story is so simple and elegant that I wish every child could have it written on their heart. We are all good at something; it is simply a matter of finding the music that moves you. What a great reminder for children as they grow up and begin to understand competition.


Love You For Always

This is a sentimental pick. My mom read it to me and I knew I was going to read it to my children. The storyline is pretty straightforward—as the child grows older, the mother reaffirms that she will always love her child. Even though I’ve read this book a hundred times, I still tear up at the end. It never fails.


This is a little silly and over the top with how long the mother continues to sing her song to her son. I made up a little tune so I can sing it to my kids, which I still do every night even if we don’t read the book, but I actually saw an interview with the author who sang the song. I promptly forgot the melody so I still sing it the way I imagined it to be, but in case it’s been a hug mystery to you, here’s the video.


Where is Robin, USA

Follow Robin around the continental United States as she explores her country. While she sees historical and cultural sites, she makes sure she always returns home to her mother.


This book is for slightly older kids, approximately 5-12, but both my 4 year old (now 5) and 2 year old enjoy looking at the pictures on their own. It’s beautifully illustrated and contains highlights of major cities throughout the U.S. Since my children are younger, I don’t always read every word, since it’s a little history heavy, but I like that it will grow along with my kids.

5 favorite children's books PIN



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