Recipe of the Week

I’m giving you another vegetarian recipe this week. As you can tell, I try to cook vegetarian a few nights a week. I’ll tell you a little secret too. I’ve never made the more classic version of this recipe: chicken pot pie. But my family and I adore this vegetable pot pie and it’s easy enough to make.

You’ll find the recipe at the blog, What do I Eat Now? Here’s the link:

Here’s my notes:

–If you use unsalted butter instead of the vegan replacement suggested, then you’ll need to add a lot more salt. Make sure to taste test your filling before adding it to the pie shell.

–If you use chicken broth instead of the vegetable broth, then you won’t need as much salt. Again, tasting your filling is important.

–Make sure you chop your celery into small pieces. So I’d suggest chopping them through the length, and then chopping them normally. I’ve chopped them without cutting them lengthwise and the celery overpowers the other vegetables.

–I’ve used Lactaid milk instead of almond milk and the recipe still tastes great.


Have you made pot pies before? If so, what have you filled them with?


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