Getting Outside

Today was a beautiful day and since I had checked the weather report yesterday, I knew it was the perfect time for all of us to get out of the house. We also had to mail a couple of cards and since our mail person is not very nice, I have to drop them off at a post office box (those pretty blue ones that I’m always afraid are defunct since they look abandoned). In an effort to multi-task an enjoyable activity with a practical task, I decided to take all of my kids on a walk to the mail box. It’s a little less than a mile and the mail box is right in front of our local grocery store. We also pass our neighborhood park on the way to and from the mail box.

So I loaded my boys in their double stroller, but the baby in my bali wrap, and we walked to the store. The bonus for my boys was they each got a donut from the grocery store, as did I, and on our way back home, we stopped at the park. We ate our donuts at the park and then played until it was time for the baby’s nap.

It was so relaxing to chat with my kids, while they relaxed in the stroller and enjoyed the sunshine. It was great to get a little exercise in without worrying about what the kids were doing. And it was nice for all of us to get a special treat of donuts. The donuts only cost us $2.40 all together (I got 4 for $0.60 each), so I think it was a relatively inexpensive way to create a special occasion for the kids.

Really though, I love combining a task I must do with a task that is enjoyable. Anytime I can balance to two out, makes the “chore” into something less “chore-like.” Do you have any tricks for making your day more fun, while still getting things done? What type of activities do you and your kids enjoy doing together?


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