Recipe of the Week: Quick Veggie Dinner

Tonight I made one of my favorite dishes. My kids are kind of blah about it, but my husband and I love it. It’s from Damn Delicious, which is one of my favorite and most trusted blogs. Here’s the link to the recipe:

I love this recipe for a couple of reasons. 1) It’s meatless, which I’m always looking for recipes that keep our budget, and myself, lean. 2) It’s delicious. 3) It’s quick; only 30 minutes from beginning to end, including prep. 4) It’s a one pan dish, meaning less for my husband to wash. 5) Most of the ingredients are from the pantry. The only exception is a jalapeno, which I omit, lime and garlic, both of which I usually have on hand. 6) Related to five, but a key component in my mind, almost no chopping is involved.

So, here’s how I tweak this recipe:

  1. I omit the jalapeno because… kids.
  2. I use whatever broth I have on hand. Tonight it was chicken broth.
  3. I use whatever canned tomatoes I have on hand. Tonight it was petite diced.
  4. I omit the fresh herbs, unless I happen to have them on hand.

    A shortcut to make this recipe even easier involves mincing the garlic:

    I’m not sure how you usually mince your garlic, but I used to do mine by hand. I don’t particularly like buying jarred minced garlic, but I understand some people do out of convenience, and I do not turn up my nose at convenience. But I recently discovered grating garlic. It is the best thing ever and as far as my somewhat dull taste buds can tell, works even better than trying to mince garlic by hand. So for this recipe, I did not need to pull out my cutting board! That is always a win in my book.

    What do you look for in quick and easy recipes? One pot recipes? A quick cook time? Crock pot recipes?


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