Recipe of the Week: Pinto Beans

I am not a big fan of beans. I’ve learned to eat them as I’ve grown older, but I primarily make them because my husband likes them. He’s convinced that if he didn’t have me to make dinner, he’d eat beans and rice every day. And by beans he means beans from a can. Since I think that’s a little bland, I try to make beans in a variety of ways. This is one of my favorites.

The recipe is from a blog called The Black Peppercorn. Even though it’s called Mexican Pinto Beans, I’ve never had beans like this in a Mexican restaurant. And our family from Mexico do not make beans like this either. But, because I love them, I’ve made it regularly for a couple of years now and I pretty much follow the instructions step-by-step. This is a great vegetarian recipe, and it could easily be vegan if you swapped out the butter. I think coconut oil would work well, but I’ve never tried it. These are not spicy beans; instead they remind me of a baked bean.

I almost always pair them with plain rice. The first time I made this recipe, I paired it with Mexican Rice, but I found the flavors to be overwhelming! It tastes much better with simple white or brown rice, whichever you prefer. I made these on Sunday and paired it with a simple Shepard’s Bread that I found on sale at the grocery store. It was delicious! Beans, bread and some sweet corn and my family was pretty happy to settled down to dinner.

How do you usually prepare your beans? Are you a straight out-of-the-can type like my husband? Or do you prefer to throw in some spices or salsa? Do you have any bean recipes you’d like to share?


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