Saving Money on my Food Budget Part III

This is the last of a three part series on how I save money on my family’s food budget. If you have any tips to share, I’d love to hear them. I am always on the lookout to save money, eat healthier and waste less.

Back At Home

  1. I use Ibotta for cash back

I love Ibotta. I know there are other cash back apps out there; I’ve even tried one or two, but they never work as well for me as Ibotta. So far I’ve gotten about $190 dollars back over the year or so I’ve been using it. Not too bad since I buy what I buy and only THEN do I check Ibotta. I’m a big believer in not using a coupon just to use a coupon, so I don’t check Ibotta before going shopping so I’m not tempted to get things I don’t really need (like that third air freshener, which has happened before). The exception is if I’m buying alcohol for my husband or for a gift. Then I check it and make sure to buy a brand with cash back. It’s like having a coupon without having a coupon.


If you want to sign up for ibotta you can use my link and code. It basically gets you a free $10 and gives me a free $5. You will also be added to my team and we can earn more “bonus” money for getting a certain number of rebates. Go to: And use my referral code: hytagjg


If you’d prefer to just sign up on their website, you still get a free $10 just for registering. The money comes back to you in the form of gift cards or you can transfer the funds into your paypal account.


  1. I put things in places for best use

I put things in places that are either easy to access or hard to access depending on how quickly I want them to be eaten. For example, fresh produce I have out on the counter or within eyesight in the refrigerator. The granola bars, breakfast bars, and potato chips I hide in the bottom pantry where no one except me goes. This way the process stuff that’s actually a bit more expensive gets consumed at a slower pace than the fresh stuff that’s healthier and cheaper for us. What’s in eye sight is so important when it comes to food and I try to keep that in mind when I put away my groceries.


  1. Prepare vegetables for snacks for the week

I usually go to the grocery store on the weekend, so I try to make sure that I clean my celery and cut up my carrots before the work week begins. I put them in a jar and then put them in the door of my fridge. That way everyone has easy access and my husband is reminded that we have healthy snacks, instead of reaching for whatever crackers I bought for the kids. Sometimes I even take all of the grapes off the vine so that it’s easier to serve them to my kids. In any case, I’ve found that we eat a lot more celery, carrots, and sugar snap peas if I do this.


  1. Fill out the store survey

At the grocery store where I shop, King Soopers (a Kroger’s store), the store survey on the receipt gives you 50 extra points, which is half way to getting ten cents off per gallon of gas. I can do the survey once every 7 days. So if I go shopping once a week and fill it out every time, I can get 20 cents off of gas, not including what I spend at the grocery store. It’s basically getting a discount on gas for giving my opinion, which isn’t hard to do. The limit on the gas discount is $1. I’ve never gotten to that point yet, but boy would I love to get a dollar off of gas one of these days. I know other stores enter you into a drawing, and I’m never really interested in doing those, but I do know of people who enter every drawing they can and sometimes it pays off. So check the fine print on your receipt and see if it’s helpful or not to take two minutes to fill out a survey.


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