To Cloth Diaper or Not To Cloth Diaper, That is the Question

I am not a parenting expert, but the one aspect of family life I am consistently asked about as my friends and I were having babies is about cloth diapering. I am the only one amongst my circle of friends from both college and high school to use reusable diapers. I am still the only one to use them four years later. My husband and I knew going into our baby making stage of life that we wanted more than one child and so we thought the investment would be worth it. Our investment has paid off since we now have three children and will use our cloth diapers for six years at least. I wanted to share with you what I’ve experienced cloth diaper two boys and beginning the journey with my baby girl in case you are as curious about it as my friends.

We use the one size Bum Genius diapers by Cotton Babies. When I first researched cloth diapers in 2012 they were the most recommended and had won some parenting awards, so they were what we went with despite the initial monetary investment. We knew we wanted to cloth diaper before we had our first child, so we registered for this brand of diaper and asked for them at Christmas until we had a big enough stash that we weren’t afraid we’d run out. These diapers grow with our children; it is simply a matter of changing where we have them snapped. This means that we could use them on our two year old and our newborn.



We have around 30 cloth diapers, but we don’t go through them all at one time. We have some stashed in the diaper bag, and we have some that are sized for our baby and some for our middle child. Really, we have more cloth diapers than we need, but I like the security of not running out. None of our Bum Genius diapers have ever broken, so we’ve gotten the most use out of them for our money.

We have diapers that snap close. We had two that used Velcro but they didn’t last very long. Since the whole point of investing in cloth diapers is to have them long enough to use them with all our children, we never replaced the Velcro ones. We also tried the KaWaii brand of diapers, but didn’t like the fit as much.

We also tried the GroVia bioliners, but our kids didn’t like the feel of it on their bums. You use these in conjunction with your cloth diapers to save some mess in cleaning up. You place the liners over the absorbent part of the cloth diaper and the pee goes through to the cloth, while the liner catches the poop. Then you can throw the liner and poop away, while washing the cloth diaper. This sounds like a wonderful idea and we probably would have used them if our kids didn’t cry every time we put in the liner.


As for holding the dirty diapers, we use the cheapest diaper pail we could find (from Baby’s R Us for $15) with a Sweat Pea Pail Liner. We throw the dirty diapers in and when it’s time to wash them we throw the diapers and the pail liner into the washing machine all at once—no need to touch dirty diapers a second time. We had to use this particular brand of liners because they come in a size big enough to fit the diaper pail like a trash bag. We also have a smaller wet bag for when we are out and about, as well as a medium sized bag for when we go out on longer excursions. In the past we used a hanging bag and really liked that for convenience because ours didn’t have a zipper so it was easy to slip in dirty diapers. It also didn’t take up precious floor space and it held just enough diapers for a good wash, but didn’t hold so many diapers that it became stinky. Unfortunately, the stitching where the loops were frayed and broke so we had to throw them away. It looks like this design isn’t made anymore, but we haven’t tried a hanging diaper bag since.

We just recently went from disposable diapers for our newborn to our cloth diapers. It takes a little bit of time to resize all of the cloth diapers, but I’m happy to do that rather than fork over $20 for a pack of disposables. My husband and I are looking forward to the days when dirty diapers are behind us, but until then we are glad that the diapers we bought four years ago are still serving us well.


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